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Take That, Angie's List!

You've heard about the groups where people band together to protect themselves against unscrupulous contractors and bad customer service? Now the contractors bite back! This local Craigslister wants to start a contractors' support group, with noble purposes like getting to know the "people that just wont pay" and keeping in touch about stolen tools/equipment (so no one inadvertently buys hot stuff.)

I, for one, am all for the advancing of communication and organizational skills of contractors. From my limited experience, this person has a long road ahead, though.

Posted under Fun Links by Amanda Doyle on Thu., Jul 5, 2007 at 2:24 PM


lol, how bout we start a support group for this support group?

[Posted by MattHurst on Sat., Jul 7, 2007 at 2:49 AM]

1.) Angieís List is such a convenient way to find service companies. All the information can be accessed online at AngiesList.com. Angieís List has saved me lots of time and headaches.

2.) Angieís List is a great tool. Iím a new homeowner in a new city and have used the list to find a plumber, landscaper and dog groomer and have been very pleased.

3.) Angieís List works for my family. I donít mind spending the money on an annual membership because I get a lot in return: 27/7 access to www.angieslist.com, the Angieís List magazine, access to the call center where I can speak to someone live and I know that all the reports submitted on Angieís List are reviewed by someone who checks for accuracy and ensures the facts are legit. Angieís List is worth the peace of mind for me.

4.) Angieís List is a great source. You can use their website www.angeislist.com or call in and talk to a live person to get referrals. I usually go to the web because itís so convenient. You canít beat the member feedback. Itís incredibly helpful.

5.) Angieís List is like asking thousands of your friends for advice on who to hireĖ and who really knows thousands of people. The List has been great for me and I would definitely recommend a trial. You can do either monthly or annual membership.

6.) Angieís List publishes a magazine thatís packed with interesting info. Itís the only thing I read cover to cover each month. What a great perk.

7.) Angieís List is a win-win scenario. Iíve had so not-so-good experiences with companies Iíve hired on the list but the positive far out way the negatives. And, the best thing about Angieís List is that I can write about that negative experience to warn others.

8.) Iíve used Angieís List to find a bicycle repair shop, carpet cleaner, handyman and weíre now looking for a contractor to remodel our attic. Angieís List is the first place consult to get a list of names. Iíve not had a bad experience.

9.) If youíve ever had a bad experience youíll appreciate Angieís List that much more. Both positive and negatively rated companies are listed on Angieís List. You can read member reviews before you even pick up the phone to get an estimate. I wish I would have had that type of reference before getting burned.

10.) Angieís List is a huge asset for us! We bought a fixer-uper and had to remodel in a fairly short timeframe. I have no idea what we would have done without Angieís List. We found nearly all of our companies off the list and the ones we happened to find elsewhere we put on the list by writing a report. They were equally as grateful. Angieís List was a great resource!

11.) Angieís List has really spoiled us. I canít remember where I used to find companies. Maybe word of mouth Ė but thatís what Angieís List is, just quadrupled and much more reliable.

12.) Angieís List is the premium referral service available. Yes, it costs $$ to join in most areas but you get so much more than other free services. One, companies canít pay to be on the list they must be reviewed by a member in order to be listed. Two, each report is checked for accuracy (so that companies donít report on themselves). Plus I get a magazine each month and convenient access to reports and tips at angieslist.com.

13.) Angieís List = Great Service. At least give it a try if you havenít before.

14.) Hereís what I know, Angieís List started in Columbus, OH and headquarters are located in Indianapolis, IN. Yes, there is an Angie Ė Angie Hicks is her name. You can hear her on a lot of local tv and radio stations. Itís an interesting service. I think you can purchase both annual and monthly memberships and in the newer markets thereís a free trial period. Sounds like a great tool for homeowners.

14.) Angieís List has come a long way since it was founded in Columbus by Angie Hicks in 1995. I live in Columbus and have been a member from the get go. If youíre at all skeptical Ė take it from me, the List has gotten bigger and better each and every year Iíve been a member. Thereís absolutely no other way I find companies. You just have to give it a try and youíll see.

[Posted by Angie's List: Angieslist.com on Wed., Aug 8, 2007 at 6:30 AM]

Well, I think we can safely surmise that Angie's either got bots or a legion of brainwashed fans out here, trolling for places to extoll her virtues!

[Posted by amanda on Mon., Aug 13, 2007 at 8:56 PM]

I've used Angieslist.com and other services. I live in FL and currently the best site I have found is called www.servicebuddy.com. The site if free and has a complete list of all the local service companies.

[Posted by Jeff Stemler on Sun., Nov 25, 2007 at 5:39 PM]

I'd recommend just going with a site like www.workpost.com, even though it's new. The best thing you can do is make a post for what you need done and then pick the contractor from the responses. Having options and comparing them is the best way to make a good choice. I'm convinced all of these rating sites are skewed in some way, so they just aren't reliable!

[Posted by Blogman on Tue., Feb 12, 2008 at 7:06 PM]

The way I see it, one potential weakness of the site is amatuers grading professionals. Even what looks good to the eye, may not be. Especially in the landscape & tree niche of Portland, where we are.

One strong point to the site, is trends. If 2 dozen people comment on a single company, the common aspects of those reviews - the trends - are hard to ignore. At least most people know what good customer service and reliability are.


[Posted by M. D. Vaden of Oregon on Tue., Apr 28, 2009 at 10:16 AM]

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