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The View from June'92

(warning: some salty language follows)

Can't remember how I first came across this gem of a local publication, but I have in my possession a copy of the June 1992 edition of "Venice Views," evidently put out by the good folks at Venice Café. In particular, this unsigned editorial column (reprinted here verbatim) provides edifying reading for a Friday in October, 2006.

Wow, can you imagine it? People walking the streets of St. Louis? Have you ever been to New Orleans? What in the hell does St. Louis have to offer the weekend visitor (besides Venice Café)?

Try to picture this, street musicians playing on the corners of the Landing, the football game just let out, the Admiral is readying herself for a gambling adventure cruise, and sixty seven percent of the people you see are from another city spending their hard earned money, here in St. Louis, on their weekend fling.

The riverfront would be a whole new world! We got to get these fucks out of control. We need to legalize a lot of things that should have never been illegal. No music taxes, legalize prostitution, gambling, bring talent to the streets, light up this damn town.

I do believe we have a chance. Ashcroft has got to go. Bring on Vince. We have a good chance of getting a football team back, and it is up to us to vote for our Mayor and to legalize riverboat gambling on our side of the gateway. To get street entertainment legal, I guess I'm not sure how to go about that, and the hookers...they'll always be here.

Damn! This really frustrates me, but don't you think if there was more to do, more ways to vent ones self through creative outlets, there may be less anger in this city? Kids and adults making money from wealthy tourist as they entertain them from the streets while awaiting to aboard the next gambling cruise, as apposed to selling crack to unfortunate soles on welfare?

Hells bells! Bungee jump the arch. St. Louis is one of the most historic places in our country, so why are we still living with historic laws? Actually the old laws were probably better, who knows, all I know is that we have to change them and the only way for us to do that is to lobby and VOTE.

St. Louis doesn't have to be a hell hole, I really can picture a brighter future for this city...can you?"

Posted under Business District by Amanda Doyle on Fri., Oct 27, 2006 at 10:45 AM


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