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I Love Last-Push Politics!

'Cause that's when the really weird shit goes down...so, on my voicemail at home tonight when I returned from the Y, there was a message from 1-866-249-3243 (Google *that* for real Internet-reading fun!) that went a little something like this:

"Jeff Smith is running for state Congress on Tuesday. Jeff Smith is a part-time professor of African-American studies. [ed. note: at this point, I had yet to clue in as to whether this was pro- or anti-Jeff Smith]. Jeff Smith is the only candidate on Tuesdays who has no legislative experience. Jeff Smith is a carpetbagger who admitted to the media that he moved here from New Hampshire. The only reason he left New Hampshire was because the college where he was teaching didn't want to renew his contract. We need someone in Congress with legislative experience...NOT Jeff Smith."

This message brought to me by...? An admitted relocator? That's second only to "known Caucasian" in terms of things that just don't sound that scary to me.

Posted under by Amanda Doyle on Fri., Aug 4, 2006 at 6:42 PM


Hmmm. I had one from 866-849-3243 and google yielded the same results. Doubt I would have been scared, either, had they left a message.

[Posted by Julia on Fri., Aug 4, 2006 at 7:21 PM]

It was my impression that the Smith's from Olivette, STL County, taught at Wash U. for awhile, and only lived in New Hampshire for a bit after his run for the House to teach a semester or two at Dartmouth. What gives?

[Posted by Eric on Fri., Aug 4, 2006 at 11:48 PM]

If Jeff Smith is a carpetbagger, we need more of them. He worked on Havey Gantt's campaign against Jessie Helms and has actually worked (not just talked) against racial bias. We have a legislature in this state that slashes Medicaid to the bone and balances the state budget on the backs of people who are struggling to make ends meet.
We need him in Jeff City!

[Posted by Charles on Sat., Aug 5, 2006 at 4:44 AM]

John Carey and Lisa Baldez changed jobs to Dartmouth a couple years ago. Jeff is close with them and when the 2004 campaigns were over (he did field work for Claire), Jeff had an offer to teach at Dartmouth as a visiting professor--they thought he'd be a good addition since he has worked in Iowa for Bradley and the 2004 campaign itself. He didn't apply for the tenure track job becaus* he wanted to return to St. Louis. It was a 3 quarter job so he taught from January to August of 2005.

He's originally from Olivette and went to Wash U for grad school in PoliSci--we went to grad school together so I'm pretty familiar with the whole story.

He is not an instructor at Wash U and sometimes at UMSL. The call is, ummm...made up.

[Posted by ArchPundit on Sat., Aug 5, 2006 at 10:53 AM]

==That's second only to "known Caucasian" in terms of things that just don't sound that scary to me.

It's certainly better than being the Decider.

[Posted by ArchPundit on Sat., Aug 5, 2006 at 10:56 AM]

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