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South Grand Parking

For those of you wondering what the plans are for the Commerce Bank parking lot just east of Grand between Hartford and Juniata, Sara Langan has the scoop in the spring issue of the Tower Grove Heights Gazette. At the neighborhood association's March meeting, Alderman Conway said Commerce Bank has agreed to sell part of the lot to Steve Adrod, a developer who plans to build six ten-unit condo buildings. Each building will have ten underground parking spaces.

The former Roosevelt Savings and Loan at the corner of Grand and Juniata will be replaced with a two-story public parking garage with retail shops on the first level and 140-150 parking spaces. People who work on Grand will be encouraged to park in the garage to free up more street parking.

A tax increment financing district is being created to fund $3 to 6 million of the whole development, with the financing contingent upon the construction of the parking garage.

In other South Grand news reported by Sara, Susan Anderson has left her position as the executive director of the South Grand Community Improvement District to work for Metropolitan Design & Building.

Posted under Business District by Brian Marston on Fri., Jun 16, 2006 at 10:19 AM


what about Kreigers?!?!

[Posted by ajay on Fri., Jun 16, 2006 at 11:09 AM]

Whoa, so South Grand's finally going to have parking beyond the lot behind Hollywood Video?

[Posted by Eric on Fri., Jun 16, 2006 at 3:13 PM]

There are also the lots by Mangia Italiano, Jay International and Cheap Trx, plus plenty of on-street parking. There's never been a parking shortage near South Grand. I have never had to park more than a block away when visiting a South Grand business by car. Usually, I park within 75 feet of the front door.

[Posted by Brian Marston on Fri., Jun 16, 2006 at 3:28 PM]

"There's never been a parking shortage near South Grand. "


Well, I hear that's not exactly true for residents of certain blocks in TGS during business hours.

[Posted by cyr on Fri., Jun 16, 2006 at 7:01 PM]

As it stands now, S. Grand has 4 parking lots--behind the Bread Co. building, behind the bank, next to Mangia, and across the street from Wei Hong Bakery(excuse any misspelling, please).

That being said, Ald. Kirner, others, and I were at the City diner to discuss issues after this week's school board meeting, and the waiter expressed a need for parking for employees along S. Grand. The waiter also expressed that he was aware of break-ins at the parking lot behind the bank, so he was hessitant to use that closest lot. Ald. Kirner told the waiter that his employer could purchase a few spots along the street.

I brought-up that on my recent trip to Seattle, I noticed they have an interesting way of doing "metered" parking without actual meters. Every block or two, they have a tall electronic box that disburses parking stickers. It has the same 2 hour maximum that we have in most areas here. Once you purchase your ticket, you stick the corner of it to the inside of the curb-side window. I presume that they have a Traffic or Parking division of their local police that checks these, as we do.

I can see the benefit of a system like this, in that there is a single collection point for the parking funds, and a reduced capital expenditure for areas that need metered parking--drop a box and be done with it.

While a system like this won't necessarily help S. Grand, which has plenty of meters, this certainly could be used in other areas of town which are expanding their parking needs.

So, back to S. Grand. It's nice to see that there is further development along S. Grand. This will cement the progress that has been made along this stretch of Grand, and will hopefully spur development even further south. It is also good too see that there is planned development for street accessible parking, as the sparcely used, gigantic lot behind the bank has become such a waste of space and reportedly a den for auto-related crimes.

[Posted by travis reems on Sat., Jun 17, 2006 at 10:48 AM]

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