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Never Trust Anyone Over 30...Unless You're Over 30

From today's edition (March 3-9) of the St. Louis Business Journal, a study in the problem of young-people retention: an ad, on page 9, for Jefferson Wells, a Clayton financial firm, reads as follows:

"They've got the new suits. We've got the old pros. Some firms hire right off the college campus, dress their new hires in nice suits, and put them on your critical assignment. Not us. Jefferson Wells only hires experienced professionals...On-the-job training is fine. But not when it's your job."

Is it any wonder that Anna Navarro's career advice column, about fifty pages later, addresses how "Young workers encounter age discrimination, too"?

Young people! Stay in St. Louis! No, wait: get the hell out.

Posted under The Media by Amanda Doyle on Fri., Mar 3, 2006 at 3:42 PM


I understand this. I've worked off and on in retail for years as a way to supliment my income. Often I had bosses that were far younger than I am and a some coworkers far older than me. I'd see how they would interact and it would amaze me.

I hated working with anyone young who was 'in charge' because they were mostly unqualified and reaked of favoritism for their friends (who they'd often hired) and uncaring for the more experienced and older employees under them.

I remember loosing one job to this twit of a girl who couldn't even figure out the phone system because she was eight years younger than me and had boobs.

[Posted by Fred on Sun., Mar 5, 2006 at 8:18 AM]

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