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Hypocrisy in Jeff City

Yesterday, 70 Missouri state representatives who previously voted to eliminate Medicaid coverage for more than 100,000 low-income people voted against a proposal to accept a 20% cut in their own taxpayer-funded health benefits. The following legislators think we all need to dig deep to deal with the budget crunch (well, all of us except them):

Allen Icet, Wildwood
Barney Fisher, Richards
Bill Deeken, Jefferson City
Billy Wright, Dexter
Bob Behnen, Kirksville
Bob Dixon, Springfield
Bob May, Rolla
Brad Lager, Maryville
Brad Roark, Springfield
Brian Munzlinger, Williamstown
Brian Nieves, Washington
Brian Yates, Lee's Summit
Bryan Pratt, Blue Springs
Carl Bearden, St. Charles
Charles Denison, Springfield
Charles Portwood, Ballwin
Charles Schlottach, Owensville
Cynthia Davis, O'Fallon
Danie Moore, Fulton
Darrell Pollock, Lebanon
David Day, Dixon
David Pearce, Warrensburg
David Sater, Cassville
Dennis Wood, Kimberling City
Don Wells, Cabool
Ed Robb, Columbia
Gary Dusenberg, Blue Springs
Gayle Kingery, Poplar Bluff
Jack Goodman, Mount Vernon
Jane Cunningham, Chesterfield
Jay Wasson, Nixa
Jim Avery, Crestwood
Jim Guest, King City
Jim Lembke, St. Louis
Jim Viebrock, Republic
Jodi Stefanick, Ballwin
Joe Smith, St. Peters
John Quinn, Chillicothe
Ken Jones, Clarksburg
Marilyn Ruestmann, Joplin
Mark Bruns, Jefferson City
Mark Wright, Springfield
Maynard Wallace, Thornfield
Michael McGhee, Odessa
Michael Parson, Bolivar
Mike Cunningham, Marshfield
Mike Sutherland, Warrenton
Nathan Cooper, Cape Girardeau
Peter Myers, Sikeston
Ray Weter, Nixa
Rob Schaaf, St. Joseph
Robert Johnson, Lee's Summit
Rod Jetton, Marble Hill
Rodney Schad, Versailles
Ronald Richard, Joplin
Scott Lipke, Jackson
Scott Muschany, Frontenac
Scott Rupp, Wentzville
Shannon Cooper, Clinton
Steve Hobbs, Mexico
Steve Hunter, Joplin
Steven Tilley, Perryville
Susan Phillips, Kansas City
Therese Sander, Moberly
Todd Smith, Sedalia
Tom Dempsey, St. Charles
Tom Loehner, Koeltztown
Van Kelly, Norwood
Ward Franz, West Plains
Wayne Cooper, Osage Beach

Posted under Other by Brian Marston on Thu., Apr 14, 2005 at 1:09 PM


Can you hear my teeth grinding?

[Posted by maggie on Thu., Apr 14, 2005 at 3:43 PM]

once the nose is in the troft the only thing the cow does is stand there and munch until it's full. the cow can't see anyone standing befind them.

unfortunately we allow those that represent us to have a full time job and benefits at public expense. do we really want them to be in the capital that much. shouldn't they have another job they have to support themselves with.

enough ranting for now.

[Posted by David on Fri., Apr 15, 2005 at 7:31 AM]

every one of those clowns needs to be relieved of their duty in Nov. 2006

[Posted by scott on Fri., Apr 15, 2005 at 3:53 PM]

brian nieves is a racisist and a homophobe. he tells jokes using the N word and gay jokes constantly. All you have to do is be around him and you will hear them.

[Posted by manuel hernandez on Sat., Jun 2, 2007 at 3:26 PM]

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