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An Aging Metropolis

This is just too pathetic to pass up:

The front page of the Metropolis St. Louis website is sporting an announcement about a new series on VH1 (AKA MTV for old people). Aside from the questionable premise of the show in question (how many more of these stupid reality TV / American Idol shows can they pump out?), the contest is open only to people over the age of 25. Hello? I thought Metropolis was supposed to be the voice of young St. Louisans.

Of course, it stopped fulfilling that role long ago. The average age of a Metropolis member is 36.6 and only 29% are under 30 (compared to 61% five years ago). At least two Metropolis steering committee members are north of 40, and I'm not talking about the highway.

So much for providing leadership opportunities for young people. Once again, a bunch of old people are trying to figure out what these mysterious young folks like and what will attract them to our fair city. Hint: it's not VH1.

"Haven't you forgotten something, Gramps?
In order to feel something you have to be there
You have to be eighteen
You're not eighteen"
-- Words of Advice For Young People by William S. Burroughs

Posted under Other by Brian Marston on Tue., May 11, 2004 at 1:16 AM


I totally agree. What's more is further down the page you will find:

"A Night at the President Casino"
Ooooh! $15 for gambling with the blue hairs and the culturally challenged...with an all you can eat buffet. Sign me up! Ick. Plus, I am so tired of seeing the standard phrase, "Organized by XYZ and Co-Sponsored by Metropolis." In other words, when was the last time something was organized by Metropolis and co-sponsored (aka use our mailing list) by someone else? I am so sad to see years of hard work eroded away by complacency and conservatism.

The best thing going for Metropolis is RJ Holmes, who is trying to bring new ideas to the table and has the energy to carry them out. But one person cannot possible bear the burden of the whole organization. Please, either drastically fix it or forget it.

[Posted by Torrey on Wed., May 12, 2004 at 1:27 PM]

Ditto on RJ, but you know he has a good college background.

The President Casino? The only thing Metropolis should be doing there is setting charges off so the damn thing goes down river again.

[Posted by ArchPundit on Wed., May 19, 2004 at 12:40 AM]

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