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Jibbs Reprazzent!

Local 15-year-old rapper Jovan "Jibbs" Campbell made the 10 Artists to Watch 2006 list in the current issue of Rolling Stone. As an amateur boxer, Jibbs won two Golden Glove titles. His brother, DJ Beats of Da Beatstaz, produced most of his debut album.

Jibbs is at #8 on MySpace's list of major label artists. He has 2,154,461 profile views and 71,167 friends (compared to 706 and 51 for DJ Play, sniff).

Jibbs' hit single, the nursery-rhyme hooked "Chain Hang Low," is at #8 on iTunes. The video for the song is at #6 on Yahoo! Music. It shows him hanging at the corner of Osage and Pennsylvania, rocking the Cardinals gear and South Side jacket.

Update: Randall Roberts has a post on the disconcerting origin of "Chain Hang Low's" melody on STLog, the RFT's new blog. Wait a minute, the RFT has a blog? Can't the print (and TV) folks leave a few untouched crumbs for us old-school new-media playas? Still, we like Randall an awful lot. His "Drink of the Week" column is the shiznit.

Posted under People by Brian Marston on Fri., Sep 15, 2006 at 2:09 PM


And! And! You skipped the best part! He had the audacity and GENIUS to name his record :

"Jibbs Feat. Jibbs"!!!

Jibbs is a HUGE hit over here at Vintage Vinyl...with any luck we'll get him in the store for some promo face-time for y'all!

[Posted by James on Fri., Sep 15, 2006 at 3:11 PM]

Honestly, good for him but shouldn't he be in school?

15 and he is singing about rims and cars. He can't even drive.

Seriously, this rapper hedonism does nothing for the community. If he wants to rap why not rap about something besides 'money and bitches'.

Rap about The Man and the SLPS. That is something I would like to hear.

[Posted by Douglas Duckworth on Mon., Sep 18, 2006 at 4:59 PM]

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